Silver Alpines

A Rude Awakening
The campaign starts here

Game Date: Ches 19 1373 DR


It’s early spring in the Silver Marches, and this season’s particularly harsh winter is coming to a close. Having spent the winter in the city of Sundabar, the PCs have each checked their dwindling supply of coins and come to the same conclusion: it was time to seek some employment that offered some travel and adventure rather than choose from the menial (and low-paying!) jobs in the city.

They each, through their own means, met with a man named Branos, a merchant who needed some guards to watch over his caravan traveling down from Citadel Felbarr. Some coin in advance sealed the deal, and the PCs made their way to Citadel Felbarr to await final preparations on the shipment. With the snows clearing on the fairly untraveled route from the citadel to Sundabar, the party briefly meets and gets to know each other before the 4 day journey back to the city to collect the remainder of their fee.

While there the PC’s are told that if they wish, they should return to Citadel Felbarr after they finish escorting the caravan. King Warcrown has been looking for small parties of trustworthy adventurers to scout the Rauvin Mountains for the strength and location of goblin holds and orc caravans that might be looming nearby.

The adventure begins…


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