Corvyre Gracedove

the angelborn Inquisitor


Corvyre is a tall, strong woman in her late teens/early twenties. She looks human, yet has a rare, unusual beauty about her. Her eyes, for example, gleam a brilliant topaz; her platinum hair often glints as if it were made of metal. Her skin is somewhat dusky, and it’s tough to place her Faerun ethnicity. She doesn’t appear to put much effort into her vanity, but appears radiant nonetheless – and as such often evokes desire or jealousy from others.

Whenever possible, she carries a finely crafted longsword. But when geared for battle she dons a breastplate, and also loads herself up with an array of other weapons usually including a shortbow, dagger, axe, and shield. She also carries a journal of some kind, that she writes in and reads regularly.


Born to a single mother in Silverymoon, Corvyre has known ridicule all her life. If it wasn’t slurs or rude comments about her lack of a father, it was her nonhuman parentage. Even those of simple means understand she’s different – her eyes and hair are simple examples of that. Partly to unburden herself and partly for her daughter’s own good, her mother gave her to over Tyr’s followers where she’s been raised since she was seven. Though she remembers little of her mother now, Corvyre feels an empty hole where others recall fond childhood memories. Though her life was better in Tyr’s church, it couldn’t compare to a real family. Although devoutly dedicated to her faith, she yearns for acceptance into the company of real friends and family.

Wherever she goes, she holds these tenets above all others:
Reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and always be true and just in your actions. Uphold the law wherever you go and punish those who do wrong under the law. Keep a record of your own rulings, deeds, and decisions, for through this your errors can be corrected, your grasp on the laws of all lands will flourish, and your ability to identify lawbreakers will expand. Be vigilant in your observations and anticipations so you may detect those who plan injustices before their actions threaten law and order. Deliver vengeance to the guilty for those who cannot do it themselves.

Corvyre Gracedove

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