Thovakin Fireblood

Warrior-Priest of Marthammor Duin


Thovakin is of average height for his race, standing at about 4 ½ feet tall. He has dark brown hair and eyes of deep green, like emeralds. He has a youthful face, the smile lines all but hidden by his rich, well groomed beard. He most often has the look of someone aloof, not mindful of their surroundings. That look is a veritable mirror of his attitude, for he often has his head in the clouds, dreaming of the restored glory of Clan Fireblood. He is full of zeal for his patron deity Duin, full of passion for his people; and full of respect and honor for the Morndinsamman.

Not new to the requirements of battle, Thovakin has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. He is always in possession of his trusty warhammer Janjaler. He carries a hand axe, which was a gift from his grandfather Agre. Of course, he also has a dagger, which every dwarf of age 5 or older carries as a last resort weapon. In addition, he carries a composite short bow, which his father taught him how to shoot with reasonable accuracy when he was a youth.

True to the traditions of his ancestors, Thovakin has in his possession a masterwork suit of banded mail armor. While not mithral, it is still of impeccable craftsmanship and is without blemish. Etched on the front is the symbol of a lightning bolt, one of the aspects of his deity, Marthammor Duin. For added protection, he carries a heavy wooden shield. The front has 2 crossed maces burnt into it, yet another symbol of Duin. Aside from his armor, his most valued possession is his holy symbol -a pair of solid silver boots, worn on a silver necklace around his neck. Thovakin has the standard array of adventuring gear, including a bedroll, a backpack stuffed to the brim and other assorted sundries.

Thovakin is an astounding mountaineer, able to climb into areas that others would think impossible for someone of his size, especially someone in heavy armor and a pack full of gear. He has a good head for direction, camping and roughing it in the wild. His hobbies include learning more about the history of his clan, rock climbing and smithing. He hasn’t had any formal training in smithing as of yet, but desires to learn about it when time allows. His immediate goals are to spread the word of Marthammor Duin, re-unite his dwarven brothers under the Morndinsamman and restore the glory of his clan. Given the recent “thunder blessing”, many opportunities have arisen for Thovakin to spread the word of Duin and travel about. A large portion of the “hidden” are now traveling out of the mountains, and the appearance of many Gold dwarves has given him a chance to re-unite with his cousins. Not one to pass up an opportunity to learn, travel and bless, Thovakin finds himself in a remarkable time, which is the perfect setting for this remarkable dwarf.



For centuries, the dwarves of clan Fireblood have been traveling Faerun, selling fine dwarven armors, gathering news and blessing wandering dwarves from all walks of life. But the way of the wanderer wasn’t always the way of the Firebloods. Once, long ago, the Firebloods had been renowned artisans and craftsmen. Blessed by Moradin, the Firebloods had worked in the hottest forges in all of Faerun. It was never determined if their constant exposure to the heat had eventually made them resistant to its effects, or if they had indeed been blessed by Moradin to withstand it. What was known was that on top of their apparent immunity to the scorching heat of the furnace, the Firebloods were exceedingly resistant to magic. Now, all dwarvers are resistant to magic to a degree. They were made that way when Moradin first breathed life into them millennia ago. But the dwarves of clan Fireblood were exceptionally resistant to its effects. This allowed them to work not only in the hottest forges, but in ones that had been magically heated. In turn, the weapons and armors crafted by the Firebloods were of the finest craftsmanship, and often the clan was asked to work with Mithral, one of the most precious metals ever to grace Toril.

Life was good for the Firebloods, and the clan had much wealth and honor in the prosperous era of High Shantar. Numerous and wealthy, the clan had divided into two factions. One remained in the Marching Mountains, eventually succumbing in the dwarf wars with Murabir Mir. The other half of the clan moved southwest and established the stronghold of Haungdannar, near the Sword Coast. Here the clan carried on the traditions of crafting fine mithral armor and weapons. Again, that all changed when Haungdannar fell in -3389. During the invasion, many of the clan were killed and the rest were scattered. The high priest of the clan called upon Moradin for aid, but none came. Clan Fireblood, disillusioned with the old gods and the old ways, found favor with one of the new gods, Marthammor Duin. Under his guidance, the remnants of the clan were gathered and led out to the surface world, wanderers under the banner of Duin. Many of the clan wound up in the Sword Coast region, including Thovakin Fireblood’s ancestors.

Now Thovakin is not the first priest of Marthammor Duin, but he is certainly the first to again honor the Morndinsamman. His father before him, and many of his ancient ancestors were priests of Duin. Tragically, the Firebloods are no longer master craftsmen, but now often act as merchants of dwarven wares for the hidden, those who have remained holed up in the mountains. Thovakin is more outgoing than most dwarves, even ones labeled as “wanderers”. Fascinated with the traditions of his forebears, and steeped in the history of his clan, he has set out to bring the blessings of Marthammor to all he meets, including his kin, the Gold dwarves. While not a craftsman, the Fireblood passion for smithing is in his veins, and he longs to re-establish his clan’s hold and dominion in Haungdannar.

Thovakin had spent a good portion of his youth in the mountains with his grandfather, Agre Fireblood. Agre wasn’t a priest of Marthammor Duin, and certainly wasn’t a wanderer. He was, however, sympathetic to the hidden and a believer in the old ways, including honoring the Morndinsamman. Here Thovakin learned a good deal of the history of his clan and their former glory. It was only recently that Thovakin had spent any time with his father, wandering the mountain passes and exploring the ruins of old, forgotten kingdoms. His father, Brengar, wanted Thovakin to settle down and return to the mountains, maybe start up the tradition of smithing again. But the wanderlust and call of Duin were too much to subdue, and Thovakin, after many adventures with his father, took his leave to wander Faerun, leave the Sword Coast to find his destiny.

Thovakin Fireblood

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