Wilmorn Songsteel

the Rogue


Wilmorn is a man of average height and average, fit build. He keeps his dark hair cut short, and he is rarely seen without at least a few days worth of thick stubble – but no more. His deep set dark eyes are forgettable, and most of the time he appears disinterested in his surroundings when he’s actually examining everything. He bears no identifying scars, but does wear a small rings in one ear.

Whenever possible, he’s always armed with twin shortswords and other assorted weapons he keeps stashed on his person. He usually wears light armor, stained or painted in dark muted tones, and covering that a dark green cloak.


An extremely talented man with questionable morals, Wilmorn has never worked for an honest days pay, ever. He values his freedom, above all, but wealth is a very close second. Deadly fast with a blade and just as sharp with his wit, he travels through the Silver Marches mostly trying to avoid being bored. He’s always interested when there’s the expectation of danger, gold, or better yet, both!

Wilmorn Songsteel

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