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What’s New 5/7/2012

The game is underway, yay! Resources are still being added to the site, but mainly it’s been Characters, so head to that tab to check them out.

Current Campaign Mood Music -
Current campaign mood music

The campaign date is Ches 19, 1373 DR (The year of Rogue Dragons). Familiarize yourself with the Faerûn calendar. There is an online calendar tool.

Game World Information

Getting to Know the Silver Marches
Map of the area

Cities and Strongholds of the Silver Marches
Silverymoon, Citadel Adbar, Deadsnows, Jalanthar, Quaervarr, Citadel Felbarr, Everlund, Mithral Hall, and Sundabar.

Game System Information

Remember that the Pathfinder System Reference Document is online.
This online character creator may be useful to you.

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